History of the Canarian Foundation Oobservatorio de Temisas

The FCOT is a non-profit organization that has been developing activities of socio-educational, cultural and recreational characteristics, dedicated to the dissemination and teaching of science through Astronomy, and other related and complementary disciplines and techniques, collaborating with the educational community, and different social, public and private groups, in a disinterested manner. We have been working in this line with professionals and volunteers who support the Observatory of Temisas, long before being founded in February 2010.

The idea of the Observatory originated from a group of amateurs and astronomy scholars, which from the beginning had the support of the AAVV Caserío Canario de Temisas, and was proposed at the time to the Agüimes City Council. The town of Temisas was chosen because it is located on a hill overlooking the entrance to the Caldera de Tirajana park, about 900 m above sea level, and about 45 minutes from Las Palmas and the southern urbanizations of the island.  With fairly clear and clear skies much of the year, and a low humidity in the air as it is on the southeastern slope of Gran Canaria.

The Fundación Canaria Observatorio de Temisas, which has been aware of the problem of light pollution since its inception, has participated in various active campaigns to raise awareness of this problem, and is currently collaborating with the ULPGC, the IAC, and the Cabildo de Gran Canaria in this regard.

 The scope and impact of our work, can be measured in a direct way, in the more than 30,000 people who have visited us in the TAO as Foundation, according to our registration books, and who have participated in our many complementary activities. And also in the reports and news that have referred to us both in the press, radio and television, for years, as well as the different web pages and Facebook in which we participate. Today we are known throughout the Canary Islands, and we begin to be known in the rest of Spain and in some foreign countries thanks to tourism.

 Attendees to our weekly guided tours to the Observatory and to the events and events scheduled, to our lectures and conferences, workshops and courses with university credits, seminars, and participation in the  the Science Weeks, in collaboration with the ITC, visitors who are largely children and young people, know how Astronomy is done, encourage their critical sense in the face of the avalanche of information of all kinds reaching them today, and at the same time new scientific vocations are created. That according to our Statutes, the Foundation has among its purposes within the area of Research and Teaching, the attributions and powers to initiate research projects, in which it is already immersed,  for which more professional means and equipment are needed than are currently not available. And finally, to the cultural, educational and social benefits that this project brings, there is also the incentive to be an important alternative tourist attraction as a landscape viewpoint and observatory of the stars.